Simple To Society.


I’m here to announce that I recently picked up a gig that I can say I’m proud of. All throughout my life, I’ve always been into street wear. There’s just something about this culture that really really interests me. I haven’t really been shooting these past couple of months as much as I want to due to me being focused on this one specific brand from the DC area. The name of the brand is called Simple to Society.

I recently linked up with the mastermind of the brand, Mr. Andy Vo, and we just kicked it off from day one. I brought my visions and ideas to the table and Andy fucked with it, hard. I’m glad to say that I’m super excited about the future for this brand and as well as being able to bring my ideas to life. If you don’t know about Simple to Society now, I’m sure you will…very soon. stay tuned.

until then, peace!


Visual Ambassador/Lead Photographer

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